Cellular phone rental

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 Automax Phone Rental
We now offer the added convenience of local cellular phone rental delivered at the same time as your vehicle.

A cellular phone will be at your disposition upon arrival. Your local phone number will be sent via email to you a couple of days prior to your arrival, this way you can stay in touch with loved ones while away from home with our new service.

The rental fee is USD 20.00/ week with no airtime included. Each additional day is USD 3.00. You can choose to add as little as $5.00 worth of minutes or nothing at all if you even want as all incoming calls are free to you. Examples of rates are 0.32/minutes to call the US, 0.25/min local call, 0.48/min to call Canada. There is a USD 100.00 deposit on the phone.

Phone cards can be purchased at many locations on the dutch side and french side for example, gas station, convenience store, or through Automax if more convenient during initial delivery of the vehicle & phone.

Phone rental service available only combined with a car rental. To reserve your phone, simply check "cellular phone option" on the reservation form. Offer subject to availability

If additional information needed, do no hesitate to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Automax Car Rental.